WWTWW Acknowledgements

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I have to acknowledge the many loving souls who helped me through this grief journey – my heart is filled with love and gratitude! ❤
To God – even in the valley of the shadow of death, I was not alone. You are always near! You have made beauty from the ashes!
To Ryan – we became a stronger team during this season of struggle. Thank you for the late nights of letting me talk and cry.  Your support and comfort were exactly what I needed. I love you so much!
To Elise & Jr. – you bring so much joy, even in sad seasons – I’m blessed to be your mommy.
To Mom – my biggest fan! Thank you for all the opportunities to become better at my gifts in music and for always believing in me.
To Hillery, Tyson, Seth, Josh & Zak – we all grieve differently, but we all love strongly. Thank you for being amazing siblings!
To Pearly Gates – having you as an aunt is a beautiful thing. Thank you for your vibrancy and love!
To Angie Waterhouse. – the first person to stand next to me and cry with me – I knew that you KNEW what this felt like! Thank you for continuously checking in, relating to me, and for the lion you made for me!
To Melinda Brooks – for your presence and listening ear in the darkest parts of it all & for your thoughtful gifts to remind me that I am loved and not alone. I don’t know how I would have endured the “desert” without you showing up time and time again.
To Alethea Horning – for the “novels” of support across the miles. Your virtual shoulder was a gift that I will always be thankful for and never forget. “Odd how this heartache could bond our souls for life!”
To “Papa” Earl & Melody Calvin – for your parental-like love and support – you always send a picture or message just when I need it!
To Chris Hansler – thank you for taking the time to call, check in, and show your support. And for letting me share my grief awareness thoughts to you – you received and implemented it by word and example, which means so much to me!
To Wendy Finney & Karen Quandt – for remembering me and my siblings throughout this past year – you were great friends to my dad & are still honoring your friendship with him by remembering us!
To Laura Jack – you helped the light come back into my eyes! Thank you!
To Angie Cartwright – for the many hours you have spent creating a community of support for grievers and for sharing my music with them.
To Jill Baugh– when I start to doubt myself, you ignite me back into shining! I am honored to share a brain with you. I love that we aMUSE each other. You are Jilliant!
To FFC – you adopted my orphaned heart and I will be forever grateful for your support & love!
To Daddy-O – I know you’re still checking in. I miss you. Thank you for helping me heal from the heavenly place that you now reside. ❤
wwtww cover
I also want to acknowledge Ramone Romero who was the artist who allowed me to use his work “Crying Together With” for the cover of this album! Thank you!

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