Grief Awareness

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Grief is something everyone will experience in this life – it is something we need to feel comfortable and safe talking about. Yet, grief is avoided or ignored by so many – either in acknowledging others or in our own losses. It is my belief that this only causes more grief and loss!

National Grief Awareness Day was founded by Angie Cartwright (also founder of Grief the Unspoken) to raise awareness for people in grief and those who wish to support them. Educating people about what is healthy and normal for grievers is an important step to allowing people a healthy grieving process.

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My own experience with grief includes: a life-changing divorce with subsequent legal frustrations, bouts of serious health issues, loss of job, financial instability, aftermath of major car accident – – – to name a few.  But nothing has been as intense and devastating as the death of my dad. It wasn’t until I experienced that loss that I went on a grief journey that was deeper and more life changing than anything I have ever gone through!

It is my hope, through the musical gifts I have been given, to be a part of helping other people heal from their grief and loss.  I am striving to raise awareness via songs!

Here is a video of a Google Hangout with three of my favorite grief experts: Angie Cartwright, Laura Jack & Tom Sweetman.  I hope you will be comforted and feel supported by something one of us shared.

You can read more about my grief journey here.


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