Paying Homage


January 28, 2014 by Ari-Amber

When I was just a toddler, I would take a flashlight or a brush and make my own microphone to sing into.  My dad had an amazing collection of records and I would sing my heart out along to the music of the day.

I was the third of four kids in my formative years. My dad was an elementary school teacher and my mom was in nursing school when I was born.  They worked hard, but didn’t have unlimited resources for their kids.  But when my parents saw I had a natural ability and inclination toward music, they bartered, saved and made a way for me to grow as a musician.

From their efforts, I was able to have piano and guitar lessons, and grow as a singer. I am so thankful that they gave me every opportunity they were able to! My parents have always been my biggest fans and I have been blessed to have their support and encouragement! My mom continues to cheer me on, and my dad, I’m sure, does from beyond this world.

I’m also thankful for those teachers along the way that helped form my abilities as a musician. Alison Fluckiger, Jeannee Stevens (piano teachers); Kitty Smith, Leah Jane Brower (guitar teachers); Betty Jenkins, Karen Fulmer, Sarah Graham, Valerie Reich (singing/choral teachers and mentors); Kelly Boyle, JoAnn Gear (performing arts teachers).   I also had some fun collaborations that I’m grateful for –  Hillery, Tyson & Seth (my siblings), Brian Wise, Aaron Anderson, Melanie Broderson, Greg & Brian Sebastian – thanks for the creativity and opportunity to make music in the times we shared!

And, of course, I am very grateful for those souls who hear what I have to share and connect with it! Thank you to those who have appreciated and supported my music through the years. It means so much! ❤



2 thoughts on “Paying Homage

  1. Jeff Hildner says:

    very cool! You go girl!

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