Special Announcement!!!


December 17, 2013 by Ari-Amber

So, last night I shared some of my story on a teleseminar hosted by Laura Jack, an amazing coach for those who have experienced grief and loss. Having experienced this recently, with the loss of my dad, I was able to share part of my grief journey and how Laura helped me through one of her programs to thrive again, not just survive.  As a result, I also made a special announcement on that call! You can listen to the whole call by clicking here. (She has some amazing tools on how to help get you through the holiday season, if you are struggling with grief and loss.)

The announcement was this……

DRUM ROLL, please……….

I’m going to audition for the 2014 season of The Voice!!!


Obviously, auditioning doesn’t mean that I will “for sure” be on the show, but I have an exciting feeling about this!  I know my dad would be proud and, if he were here, would be rooting for me!

You can support me in this venture by “liking” my Facebook page, here, following me on Twitter, here, sharing this website with your friends, and sharing my music.

Thank you, in advance, for your support! I’ll keep you posted on how everything progresses! ❤

In the meantime, if you or someone you love has experienced the loss of a loved one and could really use some support and inspiration this holiday season, I strongly encourage you to check out Laura Jack, grief specialist, in her upcoming program Surviving To Thriving 2014. If you are ready to take steps toward thriving in your life after loss, this may be the experience you are looking for! (She certainly helped me heal a ton!)


6 thoughts on “Special Announcement!!!

  1. Reblogged this on Divine Orchestrations and commented:
    The special announcement I made last night on the call with Laura Jack….

  2. Yes yes yes! So excited for you. You are an amazing gift to all who get the opportunity to hear you. Woooooo hooooo. You have an extra special angel pulling for you Ari. He will be with you on your journey. We love you.

  3. You have a beautiful voice and soul!!! I am so excited for you!!

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